The Public Blockchain Secured by Mobile Network Operators

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Telcoin is a GSMA Associate Member.

The Convergence of Telecommunications and Blockchain

Telcoin Network is an EVM-compatible, public blockchain secured globally by GSMA Operator Member MNOs using a Proof-of-Stake consensus. The system serves as the underlying blockchain architecture securing private property rights over digital assets and enabling on-chain protocols and applications in the Telcoin Platform.

An Additional MNO Network Layer

DeFi Payments and Services

Games and Loyalty Programs

Stablecoin Remittances

Inter-carrier Settlements

Telcoin (TEL) Native Gas Token



2023 Q4

Alpha Testnet

In Progress

2024 Q1

Beta Testnet

2024 Q3

Alpha Mainnet

2024 Q4

Beta Mainnet

Ledger Distribution

A Distributed Ledger for the Telecom Industry

GSMA Full Member MNOs have the exclusive right to run transaction nodes and earn network fees.

Programmable and Automated

Telecoms and their mobile money subsidiaries can launch customized, automated financial applications on Telcoin Network tailored to meet the demands of their local market.

Scalable, Secure, and Compliant

Telecom validators leverage their existing technology and compliance systems to power a secure, high performant, and compliant infrastructure capable of providing financial services to every mobile phone user in the world.

Interoperable and Compatible

Telecoms bridge Telcoin Network with their existing mobile financial services ecosystems and other blockchain networks, providing their subscribers fluid access to the internet of value via applications they use every day.


Network Validator Incentives and Governance

Telcoin Network Validators are rewarded with Telcoin (TEL) issuance for operating a node and fostering a secure and efficient financial ecosystem. Visit the Telcoin Association website to learn more about the governance structures, rules, and incentives for participating as a Validator in the Telcoin Network.

Deploy Your Own Node on the Telcoin Network

GSMA MNOs have the exclusive right to run transaction nodes and earn network fees. Telcoin (TEL) issuance is provided to Telcoin Network Validators to incentivize the growth of a secure, compliant, efficient financial platform. Request more information by submitting the provided form.


Telcoin is a GSMA Associate Member.